Our Story

 If you are wondering why we started this women's clothing boutique, called the Clotherie, the simple answer is…We Love to shop! We are a Mother and Daughter (with help from her husband) team! My name is Dee (The Mother), Rachel (The Daughter) and Chase (Rachel's Husband and my Son-In-Law) . We have a service business that we have run together for 12 years, but this is our first foray at a retail women's clothing company, and so far we love it! Rachel and I have always loved shopping together, and we enjoy critiquing and exploring different fashion ideas. One day, we were in a little local boutique shop in Orange Beach, (while Chase sat in the car with their 4 kids), for over an hour! When we finally resurfaced, he said as much as you guys love to shop, you should open your own clothing store. We looked at each other and knew immediately, this would be our next venture! Within a week of this time, we had our location picked, a name for our store (kudos to Rachel), and a lease in the works! We researched upcoming markets and went to Atlanta and then to Dallas, TX, where we purchased enough inventory to start The Clotherie! The next week we spent getting the inside of the store ready and then our clothing started arriving. We worked daylight to dark on getting all of the inventory tagged, steamed and displayed. Our goal was to open on Black Friday of 2023 and that was our opening day! We have enjoyed meeting and greeting new customers, helping them pair  fashionable outfits, chatting about any and every thing, and just being involved in the local community. We have had great support in the Alabaster community and even other local cities that drive in to support us. We are so grateful for all of the customers and friendships we are making. We are in the beginning phase of expanding our store area, getting all of our inventory into our online store, and, who knows, maybe opening more locations in the future. This was not a lifelong dream of ours, but it is now a dream that we are glad we have had and will now continue it for the rest of our lifetime!